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From the classroom to the field, we help veterinary students prepare for life as a global citizen.

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We unite researchers from different disciplines and countries to address key areas of global health.

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From international experiences and advanced skills, we are increasing the global capacity for research, education and healthcare.


“In the world today, all health challenges are global, and our growing program expands the opportunities for our students and researchers to make an impact.”

– D. Paul Lunn | Dean, CVM

D. Paul Lunn, Dean, CVM

Uniting multidisciplinary research with veterinary education to solve some of today’s greatest global health challenges.

About the Program

“Through this program, we are striving to achieve global health by improving human, animal and environmental health worldwide using the One Health paradigm.” 

– Sid Thakur | Director, CVM Global Health

Dr. Sid Thakur


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Dr. Sid Thakur

Sid Thakur

Director, Global Health

Dr. Andy Stringer

Andy Stringer

Director, Global Health Education


Dr. Greer Arthur

Greer Arthur

Global Health Program Specialist