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Dr. Gregory Lewbart

Gregory Lewbart, MS, VMD

Professor of Aquatic Animal Medicine


Gregory Lewbart has more than 20 years experience in aquatic animal medicine.

He joined NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1993, and he is currently a professor of aquatic animal medicine and Assistant Clinical Sciences Department Head. He is also an adjunct professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador, where he conducts field work on a wide variety of species, including treatment of marine animals with drug-resistant bacterial infections. 

Lewbart teaches a variety of topics to DVM students and acts as a committee member for master’s and PhD students. He has authored more than 150 articles about marine species, and authored or co-authored 27 book chapters related to marine animal medicine. He is course director for the Galápagos elective, which provides veterinary students with the opportunity to work with marine animals in Ecuador, a country with different resources, health challenges, and economic drivers.

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Global Health Research Fields

  • Aquatic animal medicine
  • Wildlife conservation

Main Areas of Expertise

  • Marine biology
  • Antibiotic resistant pathogens in aquatic animals
  • Wildlife health and disease

Global Health Interests

  • Global health education for veterinary students
  • Research: Assessing the prevalence of antimicrobial resistant pathogens in aquatic animals, reptiles, and birds

Countries of Experience

  • Bermuda
  • Ecuador
  • Thailand

Ongoing Projects

Network (collaborators)

Selected Publications

Phillips BE, Páez-Rosas D, Flowers JR, Cullen JM, Law JM, Colitz C, Deresienski D, Lohmann KJ, Lewbart GA. Evaluation of the ophthalmic disease and histopathologic effects due to the ocular trematode Philophthalmus zalophi on juvenile Galápagos sea -lions (Zalophus wollebaeki). J Zoo Wildl Med 2018 Sep; 49(3): 581-90 (Pubmed)

Cerreta AJ, Papich M, Dise D, Lewbart GA. Diagnosis and treatment of a multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli in a wild eastern box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina).Veterinary Record Case Reports 2017 Jan 11; 5(4): 528 (Article)

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