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Dr. Megan Jacob

Megan Jacob, MS, PhD

Associate Professor, Clinical Microbiology

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Dr. Sid Thakur and Dr. Megan Jacob

October 11, 2017 | Veterinary Medicine News


To Surveil and Protect: The Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

Paula Cray, Megan Jacob and Sid Thakur at the College of Veterinary Medicine receive a five-year FDA grant to monitor antimicrobial resistance in retail meat sold in North Carolina. 


Megan Jacob specializes in foodborne pathogens, food safety, and antimicrobial resistance.

At NC State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Jacob focuses on pre-harvest food safety and transmission dynamics of pathogenic bacteria. She has also developed a research program in veterinary diagnostic microbiology focused on diagnosing and monitoring antimicrobial-resistant organisms in animal populations.

In addition to her research, Jacob serves as Director of Diagnostic Laboratories, which offers a range of services in microbiology, parasitology and virology, as well as routine PCRs for specific bacterial species and viral agents. Through this role, Jacob and her team aim to improve the laboratory diagnostic experience for veterinary clinicians, and expand diagnostic opportunities throughout the US and globally. 


Global Health Research Fields

  • Antimicrobial resistance 
  • Microbiology
  • Food safety

Main Areas of Expertise

  • Microbiological and antimicrobial resistance detection techniques and diagnostics
  • Epidemiology and ecology of foodborne pathogens
  • Transmission dynamics of pathogenic bacteria 

Global Health Research Interests

  • Improving food safety by assessing the transmission dynamics of pathogenic bacteria
  • Improving global surveillance of antimicrobial resistance by harmonized methods and integrated data systems

Countries of Experience

  • China 
  • WHO collaboration (providing training for various countries)

Ongoing Projects

Network (collaborators)

  • NC State University, North Carolina | United States
    • Paula Cray, Department of Population Health and Pathobiology
    • Cristina Lanzas, Department of Population Health and Pathobiology
    • Sid Thakur, Department of Population Health and Pathobiology
    • Shiva Veerappa, Department of Population Health and Pathobiology
  • Utrecht University, Utrecht | Netherlands
  • Advisory Group on Integrated Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance (AGISAR), World Health Organization
    • Jorge Matheu Alvarez, Project Officer, Food Safety & Zoonotic Diseases Dept, WHO

Selected Publications

In progress


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