Certificate in Global Health

Certificate in Global Health

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Global Health Education


A formal academic certificate for veterinary students that examines the inherent complexities of improving health on a global scale.

This program provides an introduction to global health issues and challenges, and will help you develop an understanding of key concepts, tools and frameworks essential for continued study in global health. You will learn about the importance of understanding and addressing global health through multidisciplinary frameworks and collaborations, and complete an experiential International Research Project




Program Structure

The Certificate in Global Health covers the global disease burden, health determinants and disparities, health policy and actors, and the challenges facing global health. The program also provides an introduction to the methodological approaches and techniques used in global health research, including qualitative fieldwork, quantitative surveys, experimental designs, intervention trials and program evaluation.

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Core Selectives
Build a foundation of basic knowledge in global health.
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Optional Selectives
Explore global health in greater depth in different optional selectives.
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Compulsory Elective
Travel abroad and conduct your own international global health research project.


Earning the Certificate in Global Health requires completion of 12 credits. This credits are gained through completion of 3 compulsory core selectives, an additional 4 credits from optional selectives/elective, and 5 credits through completion of an International Global Health Research Project.


Summary of courses in the certificate program




The Pawcast: Navigating the Veterinary Profession

Want to know more about global health and career opportunities for veterinarians? Join Dr. Andy Stringer as he talks to Amy Snyder and Amanda Bates on the Pawcast, the College of Veterinary Medicine’s podcast. 





Past Projects

Since we launched the Certificate in Global Health in 2015, our students have traveled to different countries to participate in a variety of research projects.

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