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Certificate in Global Health International Research Project


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From field work to data analysis, each research project is a data driven, evidence-based approach to a global health challenge. 


Foodborne Pathogens in Ethiopia

  • Project title: Characterizing pathogens and human behavior related to dairy animal source foods.
  • Research field: Food Security
  • Activities: Qualitative surveys 

Infectious Diseases in Madagascar

Bacterial cells

  • Project title: Identifying ecological and evolutionary drivers of infectious disease transmission pathways. 
  • Research field: Infectious Diseases
  • Activities: Field work

Milk Safety and Quality in Kenya

  • Project title: Surveying the quality and safety of milk sold in informal markets.
  • Research field: Food Security
  • Activities: Statistical analysis, computer research

Antimicrobial Resistance in Sri Lanka

Bacteria cultures on agar plate

  • Project title: Investigating antimicrobial resistance in intestinal bacteria among small-scale farm livestock and people.
  • Research field: Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Activities: Sample collection and processing

Zoonotic Diseases in Uganda

  • Project title: Examining the prevalence of Chlamydia suis in swine and the associated zoonotic risk factors for swine workers in small-scale subsistence farm systems.
  • Research field: Infectious Diseases
  • Activities: Field and laboratory work

Equine Health in Ethiopia

Horses in Ethiopia

  • Project title: Unravelling Epizootic Lymphangitis in Horses: Understanding Disease Transmission
  • Research field: Infectious Diseases
  • Activities: Questionnaires and observational studies.

 Traditional Medicine in Kenya

  • Project title: Kenyan Custodians of Indigenous Medicine: Dawa ya kienyegi for Humans and Livestock
  • Research field: One Health Medicine
  • Activities: Focus group discussions and observational studies.

 Antimicrobial Resistance in Senegal

Bacterial cultures on agar

  • Project title: Examining Antimicrobial Resistance in Dakar, Senegal, Using a One Health Approach
  • Research field: Antimicrobial Resistance
  • Activities: Laboratory research, sample collection.

 Infectious Diseases in South Africa

  • Project title: Seroprevalence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in communal cattle bordering Kruger National Park
  • Research field: Infectious Diseases
  • Activities: Field work, sample collection, laboratory research.

 Backyard Poultry in Ethiopia

  • Project title: Investigation of backyard poultry health and production constraints in rural Ethiopia.
  • Research field: Food Security
  • Activities: Sample collection, observational studies.


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Dr. Andy Stringer

Andy Stringer

Director, Global Health Education

Dr. Greer Arthur

Greer Arthur

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